How can I find my CVV/CVC/CID Number?

The number is typically printed on the signature box on the back of the card for MasterCard and VISA.  If you have an American Express card, it is on the front, just above the card number on the right hand side.

There may be several numbers before it, or just a few.  They may have spaces, or just be a solid line of numbers.

So if you were to see any of the below examples on the back of your card, 123 would be a MasterCard or VISA CVV/CVC Number:

 0000 0000 0000 0000 123
 0000000000000000 123
 0000 123

The American Express CID Number has no extra numbers in front of it.

What is a CVV/CVC/CID Number?

On the back of your credit card there is a three or four digit number.

It is called the CVV by Visa, CVC by MasterCard and CID by American Express.

This is a new security feature, and now required for processing of cards through online forms.

If you do not have a CVV/CVC/CID Number, we can no longer accept your card.

Please see the below section for how to find your CVV/CVC/CID Number.

Why did the Credit Card companies start using CVV/CVC/CID Numbers?

Security is a very serious thing to the credit card companies.  To improve their security they are contemplating making use of CVV/CVC/CID Numbers required for "no card present" purchases.

By requiring a CVV/CVC/CID Number, the credit card companies are requiring that the purchaser must have access to the card itself.  This helps confirm that you are the actual card holder.

The actual requirement for CVV/CVC/CID Numbers may change throughout the rest of this year, 2003, and we hope that the credit card companies will have a solid standard soon.

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